Dance To Inspire

                                                   Dance to Inspire

Inspiration is the result of empowerment.  “Power is the  ability to achieve purpose and effect change” (Martin Luther King Jr) that creates the perfect dance.

     My mother in law empowered children and adults through believing in the grace and strength of our body.  It was through her ballet classes and later her Pilate sessions that transformed self doubt of little girls and grown adults into believing in themselves. 

     Brene’ Brown explains the different forms of power – power over, power with, power in and power within.   We have all had bosses who supervised us using power over.  Through intimidation, threats, and blame they created a finite situation that allows for no growth or inspiration.  Much like the tools of a dictator, a sense of fear and intimidation is created to control. 

     With the other three forms of power, the boss partners with his staff to create infinite opportunities for growth and creativity.  This supervisor shares the wealth of power to promote critical thinking skills with the employees. 

     Such is the analogy of the ballet dancer. The lessons can be taught and dance moves instructed, but it is only through empowering the dancer that the grace and beauty of the ballet can shine.  The audience witnesses the effortless flow and movements as the ballerina glides seamlessly and becomes one with the music and stage.  This is empowering within.

     Dance to inspire is the most powerful coaching session.  It is dancing in the moment with my client to inspire them to recognize their passions and lift them to achieve inspiration.  This photo of my mother in law is my inspiration.  When we lift others to share in power, we lift all of us in the dance to inspire. 

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