Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly“.  (Anonymous Proverb). 

     The unknown and what we cannot control has always been a major source of anxiety.  In the last seven months anxiety has been an underlying feeling that many of us have been experiencing, myself included.  Anxiety is that feeling of worry, nervousness, and unease.  No one knows when we will turn around the coronavirus pandemic.  We even wonder what “normal” will look like.   It is unclear if we are making the best decisions as we go back to work or send our children to school.  Many have even experienced “political” anxiety around the negativity of the presidential election and what the outcome may mean for us moving forward.  This sense of powerlessness is overwhelming us and influencing us on who we are and who we want to be.  Or we can embrace this as a wonderful opportunity to take charge of who we are as we close out this challenging year.

     “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly“.  (Anonymous Proverb).   Maybe we can’t always control our future, but we have tools to manage the anxiety that 2020 has brought on us.  As a certified life coach, anxiety has become an important part of the coaching conversation. I meet with clients experiencing anxiety in their careers but also in their personal life.  Often, the client is not able to pinpoint where the anxiety is coming from.  This feeling of anxiousness keeps the client from being the best they can be, whether it is at work or in their personal life.  In the coaching session, the client gives the anxiety a name.  If you can name what you are feeling, then you can begin to manage it.  It is important to notice what part of your body is holding onto the anxiety. Through positive relaxation exercises, the stress on the body can be relieved as the first step to have a meaningful conversation.  A strong coach can team with the client to recognize how to manage and control the anxiety which is often the result of limiting beliefs and self doubts.

     Self care is critical to becoming our best in our personal life and our professional world.  Managing stress is a big part of taking care of ourselves.  Otherwise we become sucked into losing ourselves, losing who we are and the possibilities of what we can be. 

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