What Do You Want To Be and What Is Possible? Lets Make Retirement A New And Bright Future

      Who Do You Want To Be And What Is Possible?

      Lets Make Retirement  A New And Bright Future

                            Christina Dalton                       

                            Principal, EYH LifeCoach.com

“Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials: Much to live on and much to live for.


I spent 39 years in a successful career that provided value, friends and self worth. . I was fortunate to have strong financial advisors to direct my investments to have a comfortable retirement. I needed help however, in redefining myself in retirement.

Often, when workers face the reality of retirement, they wonder…what is next? How can I bridge years of experience to access my passion and make a difference in the world? After years in a career that, for most, shaped identity and reflects personal passion, the question one ponders, especially facing retirement is “Who do I want to be now?.”

I, too, faced this same question after a successful career.  I needed to explore all the possibilities of how I can fully recognize what I wanted in this next journey.  This exploration included a possible new career that I could control, redeeming past hobbies and sports, doing valuable volunteer service, re-establishing old friendships and cultivating new friends that fit into my new journey. 

Preparation for a life transition is very important. Lack of preparation leaves experience, skills and talents, and dreams packed away that could otherwise impact others in a significant way.  Pursuing new opportunities in retirement leads to personal fulfillment, promoting happiness, good health, and longevity.

As a leader in my profession, and now a successful Life Coach, I offer life coaching sessions to prepare clients for their next life journey. This preparedness equips people exploring retirement or having recently retired, a smooth transition and the realization that passions, skills, and talents can be redirected for a joy-filled and purpose driven life.  I look forward to connecting to discover new possibilities especially for those nearing or recently experiencing retirement.

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