Partnering with YOU

Expanding Your Horizons partners with YOU to reach your full potential in every life capacity. Whether you choose transitional coaching, executive coaching or self-exploration, we have the tools offering resources and direction to help you navigate personal and professional growth. You deserve to enjoy a full, rewarding and remarkable life. Christina’s philosophy… “Life Coaching is a partnership between the Coach and the Client for the client to reach their full potential. What a wonderful journey in growth.”


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Transitional Coaching

Helping you facilitate new behaviors, skills and communication strategies to build confidence and respond to life’s challenges.

Executive Coaching

Guiding professionals to define goals, reach objectives, gain self-awareness, and unlock their potential to achieve peak performance and results.


Investigating and discovering your true purpose and a deeper self-awareness to help you lead your most fulfilling and rewarding life.

Our Lasting Commitment to YOU

  • Vision, clarity and commitment personalized to your goals
  • Personal goals and objectives tailored to meet life’s ever-changing landscape
  • Encouragement of self-reflection and introspective evaluation
  • Accountability for true empowerment and freedom
  • Sustained commitment to your long-term success