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Live Your Best Life:

How To Choose A Life Coach

by Christina Dalton

When we buy something that is important to us, we spend valuable time researching, comparing, and asking critical questions. The typical consumer “does their homework” when purchasing a house, buying a car, choosing a great doctor, and researching the best education for their children. What about selecting a life coach? How do you decide what life coach will be best for you?

How do you separate the profession of life coach from therapist, consultant or mentor? (I will discuss this topic in the next article). How do you decide on who will move you forward on your career and personal completeness? This decision can be more valuable than the home you live in. Why? Because you are creating a home within yourself. If this home does not instill warmth and happiness within you, a sense of security and value, how can any other home make sense? 

The life coaching profession is not as regulated as other professions. Choosing a life coach who has training, experience, and the ability to move you to achieve lifelong goals, can be one of the biggest investments of your life. Too many coaches enter the profession without the needed certification, education and experience. Yet they use the coaching title. When choosing a coach due to life transitions, a search for self-value or wanting more out of life, how do you evaluate who is the best life coach for your needs? Here are some valuable questions to consider:

What are the coach’s areas of expertise?

There are many different types of life coaches; Transitional Coaches, Health Coaches, Executive Coaches, and Leadership Coaches, to name a few. Consider what is motivating you to work with a Life Coach and make sure the Coach has the training and expertise to work in that area.

Where did the coach obtain their training?

There are many types of coaching programs; be sure that your coach is certified through a reputable program.

Is the program approved through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and did the coach obtain the ICF Certification recognized around the world? 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), like the Bar Association for lawyers, provides the rigor of guidelines, tests, certification, and standards with the code of ethics to guarantee your coach has been fully trained as a Life Coach. Your coach should be part of this esteemed community of best practices. Would you choose a lawyer or a doctor who did not pass the rigors and standards of their profession? Of course not. This website may guide you:

What other credentials/background does the coach have?

The coach’s life experiences combined with the proper credentialing is priceless for your coaching journey. (Though the credentials are defined in the ICF website, a future article will further discuss how other degrees/certifications supplement the value of the ICF credentials). 

Does the coach have testimonials? Do the testimonials inspire you? 

Testimonials can be a valuable resource to understand the coach’s style and philosophy. 

Does the coach offer a complimentary “chemistry call”? 

This is an investment for you. Just like buying a home or car, the partnership between you and the coach can be invaluable. 

You deserve the life you imagined. Be confident that your investment of time and resources in your coaching journey will empower you toward your most important business/life goals. A qualified Life Coach has the tools, experience, training and recognition to partner with you in this vital journey. EYH Life Coaching staff is here with these essential tools. You deserve to enjoy a full, rewarding and remarkable life. 

Happy Journey,

Christina Dalton, MS, PPS, PCC


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By Christina Dalton, MS, PPS, PCC, EYH Life Coach

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Christina Dalton is the principal Life Coach for Expanding YOUR Horizons. She is credentialed through ICF as a PCC, Professional Certified Coach. She has worked with people in all stages of life; including students, families, new businesses, etc. Christina embodies the passion and enthusiasm for you to reach your FULL professional and personal potential. “Working with us is a wonderful journey in growth fueled by empowerment, passion and execution.”View All ContributionsREAD ONLINE




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